Accept Checks


There are a variety of methods to accept checks... 
in person, over the phone, by mail, fax or even online!!

Insta-ChexT Check Writing Software is a check writing program which you load up and manage on your computer.  Once you install this program on your computer, just run it and enter the customer's information -- whether you received it in person, by phone, fax, mail or online -- you can print a check right out of your laser printer.... then, deposit it as you would any check!

No more waiting for "the check's in the mail".

You control the check writing !!

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Insta-ChexT Check Writing Software

Terminal or Internet-based check guarantee (physical check is present)
Swipe the check or manually key-in the account information into a terminal or web page Virtual Terminal, just like a credit card.  The check information is compared to a nationwide "positive / negative" database of check writers.  We will advise you with an approval code if we are willing to guarantee the check.  If so, just write the approval number on the check. You are charged a fee to "insure" the check. Then just deposit it as your normally would. In the event it bounces, you submit the check for reimbursement.  You receive your reimbursement within 30 days, or you can take advantage of our 2nd day claims pay feature.


  • Accept and process checks with less risk.

  • Improved sales & cash flow

  • Simplified accounting.

  • Simplified point of sale procedures.

  • Eliminate check loss.

  • Takes you out of the collection business.

Terminal-based check guarantee with the option to convert checks to direct deposit.
With conversion, we take check guarantee to the next level.  We electronically deposit the approved check funds directly into your checking account in just two days.  No need to complete deposit slips, go to bank, wait for them to clear, pay a fee on bouncers, submit for reimbursement and wait for the reimbursement check to clear.  You simply swipe the check, get an approval and the customer signs the receipt -- just like a credit card.  Guaranteed funds are deposited to your account in just two days.  You get improved sales and cash flow, NO bouncers and greater customer satisfaction!

Internet-based check acceptance with guarantee (no physical check presented).  
With CheckNowT, you can log in directly to a secure server page, or with ChecksByNetT, your customer can access the same secure server page linked from your website, then enter the checking account information.  We instantly determine if we will guarantee it.  If so, you log in at a later point and print these guaranteed checks, then deposit them at your bank. In the event it bounces, you submit the check for reimbursement.  You receive your reimbursement within 30 days.

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Electronic Check Conversion (no check present)

Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their Web site's storefront or through the Authorize.NetT Virtual Terminal. By accepting electronic checks, merchants are able to expand the payment options available to their customers and potentially increase their sales.

With eCheck.Net, customers pay for products or services with an electronic check by selecting the electronic check option and entering the requested bank account information. eCheck.Net encrypts the data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 encryption technology, and transmits it to the secure Authorize.Net transaction server for posting. At settlement time, the Authorize.Net system initiates a debit to the consumer's checking account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and then transfers collected funds to the merchant's account. The eCheck.Net system notifies merchants of failed debit attempts, including "Not Sufficient Funds" returns.

eCheck.Net is an ideal solution for businesses that periodically bill their customers or do not have a commerce-enabled website. Health clubs, tanning salons, subscription services, ISPs, membership companies and health care practitioners are all examples of the types of businesses that would benefit from the eCheck.Net service.

Benefits of the eCheck.Net service:
  • Acceptance of electronic check transactions can reduce payment processing costs to merchants.

  • Merchants can easily expand the payment options available to their customers at the point of sale which could potentially increase overall sales.

  • All eCheck.Net transactions are automatically settled each day.

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