Check Writing Software

Check Writing Software

Now, you can Accept Your Customer's Checks
over the Phone, Fax, E-mail or Website...

Close more sales and get paid faster!

Did you know that most adults have a checking account while only about half have a credit card with available credit? 

Insta-Chex is a comprehensive software program that allows you to input or import checking account data and print checks instantly!

Insta-Chex is an excellent closing tool for telephone, mail order and Internet marketing companies.

Insta-Chex is invaluable if you have repeat billing and account collections.   Especially, if your customer doesn't have a credit card! 

It's Easy !!

Just open the program, enter the customer's information (manually or by importing form a file) and print a check right out of your printer.... then, deposit it as you would any check!

You control the check writing!!

No more waiting for "the check's in the mail "!!  You print the checks when you want !!  Of course, you always need the customer's permission.

Insta-Chex offers a whole lot more than a basic check writing program.  Just look at the feature:


  • Take Checks By Fax - Phone Or E-Mail

  • Print Selected Check

  • Reprint Selected Check

  • Email Checks to Anyone

  • Complete PIM Appointment/Contact Management

  • Several Skins To Choose from

  • Print On Blank Paper Or Check Paper

  • Full Mail Management Routines

  • Unlimited "Pay To" Data Base

  • Print Checks 1 Up With 2 Stubs And Signature

  • Disclaimer Or With A Blank Signature Line Ready To Deposit In Your Bank

  • Search Printed Checks By First Name, Last Name, City, State or Zip Code

  • Automated MICR Encoding On Check

  • Complete Client - Customer Data Base

  • Automatic Check Fill In

  • Select And Print Monthly Drafts

  • Print Blank Checks To Carry With You

  • Print Blank Checks To Be Used With Quicken Or Quick Books

  • Complete Search By Query

  • Create And Print Invoices

  • System Tune Up Suite

  • Multi-Media/Internet Browser

  • Access your favorite Web sites straight from program

  • Import images such as your company logo or customized
    graphic to create custom business cards and checks

  • Print Deposit Slips

  • Print Deposit Reports

  • Print Business Cards

  • Optional 53,000 Bank Records

  • And Much More


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