Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)


Put an ATM CASH MACHINE in Your Business !!

Imagine... you can attract new customers and put thousands of disposable dollars into your customers' hands to spend in your establishment!

Your customers will truly appreciate the convenience you offer. This is exactly the kind of tool that contributes to establishing long term repeat business.

As the owner of an ATM you can assess a surcharge for using it -- just like the banks do. You determine the per transaction surcharge - for instance, $1.50 - and, you keep 100 % less 25 cents per transaction, so, you net $1.25 per transaction!

Just load up the ATM with some cash and step aside. Your ATM will be linked to all the major networks such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, NYCE, MAC, CIRRUS, HONOR, etc. for your customers to gain instant access. Whether they withdraw from their checking account or credit lines, you will receive replenishment of these funds directly deposited to your bank account within 3 business days! Then, just refill the ATM as necessary.

Consider this... if your ATM is accessed just 20 times per day, assuming you institute a $ 1.50 surcharge, you will receive $1.25 per draw ... that's $25.00 per day times 30 days... that's $750.00 per month -- easily covering the cost of the ATM and then some. Now, consider how much you earn if its used more than 20 times per day... you do the math!

Now, consider how much of the withdrawn money is spent in your establishment as new sales and profits. Using our national average of $60.00 per withdrawal, assume that just 20% of that or $12.00 per withdrawal is spent in your establishment. Multiply that $12.00 times 20 draws per day times 30 days -- that's an additional $7,200.00 in new sales! If they only spend an average of 10% of what they withdraw -- that's still $3,600 in new sales per month!

So, how much more will you earn each month? $1,000.00 ...$2,000.00 ...$3,000.00 or more !?!

It's simple... if you have a busy location, then this is a must have!

We will provide you with a professionally designed turnkey package that covers all the bases. We'll service you completely from application to installation, training and continuous support.

So, what are you waiting for? This is that automated money-making machine of your dreams !!



Ergonomic & Modular Design
Affordable & Low Maintenance

Space Saving

Product specifications:

6" Monochrome LCD display
0-9 Numeric key & 8 functions keys

Swipe type magnetic card reader

1,000 note capacity

 Dispenses 7 notes per second
Reject bin

Thermal printer

Secured cash vault

Combination lock

Password protection

52" high x 19" wide x 22" deep






Backlit LCD, gray scale (color optional), 320x240 dot resolution graphics capable, supports BMP files

dip card reader, swipe and smart card reader available since 1998

tactile feedback keypad with integral Braille

integrated illuminated signage 

2,000 note capacity

Fixed head thermal printer, 12 lines per second print speed, graphics capable, supports bar codes, 60 mm wide paper

2400 baud standard Modem (14.4K or 33.6K baud optional)

Standard Electronic Data Storage

highly modular design for easy serviceability

design complies with guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


UL 291 Business Hours Service, UL 291 Level 1 optional

optional full color high resolution display for advertising and graphics

optional high security locks and alarm

up to four cassette capacity with multimedia dispensing capabilities such as phone cards, stamps and coupons






ATM Cash Machines:

. Increase Traffic Flow

. Generate Cash Sales

. Earn Surcharge Revenue

. Improve Convenience

. Keep Customers In-House




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