Secure, Real-Time
Credit Card Transaction Processing

eProcessingNetwork enables merchants with an Internet presence to process online credit card transactions at their website automatically and in real-time, using a secure Web page accessed directly from the merchantís existing Web site.  Plus, merchants can perform transactions and review reports by logging in to a secure "virtual terminal" with a unique user name and password using a standard internet browser from their PC or Mobile Devices.

Added Convenience

The latest, most sophisticated digital encryption is used to transmit information between the customerís browser and the eProcessingNetwork Secure Credit Card Transaction Processing Server. Direct communication lines are used to obtain real-time authorizations from the processor. Plus, merchants get the added convenience of having funds directly deposited to their bank account.

Added Security

Secure order forms are tailored to match the design of the merchantís Web pages and automatic e-mail messages are sent to the merchant, as well as the cardholder, confirming each transaction. Real-time communication between eProcessingNetwork and the processor helps ensure the accuracy and validity of each transaction.

Added Fraud Protection

Address Verification and Card Verification Value (CVV2) Services are performed to reduce the chance of fraud and charge-backs. Open batches are automatically closed daily so merchants no longer need to purchase additional software to reconcile their transactions. Merchants can limit the number of times a customer can attempt a transaction, and can configure their eProcessingNetwork account to accept transactions only if the customers' AVS and CVV2 data was entered correctly.

Simple and Secure

Integrating eProcessingNetworks credit card transaction processing service is easy to do. Hereís how it works:

  • When the merchantís customer is ready to buy, they are linked to the eProcessingNetwork Secure Payment Information Capture Form on the eProcessingNetwork Secure Transaction Processing Server. This page matches the design of the merchantís Web page, and the customer is given visual clues of the forms Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

  • Once the customer submits payment information, the eProcessingNetwork Transaction Processing Server processes the transaction and gives the customer immediate transaction status - approval, decline or other status indication.

  • If the processor approves the transaction, an e-mail message containing the customerís mailing information and order summary is sent to both merchant and customer. Credit card information is never e-mailed, sold or distributed to third parties.

The entire process is simple and convenient to use. eProcessingNetwork offers reliable and secure credit card transaction processing services and professional support every step of the way.

eCommerce Shopping Solutions

offers online merchants an easy to implement, customizable shopping cart for Internet storefronts. ePNCart is a simple yet powerful integrated shopping cart designed to help merchants increase sales to valuable, hard earned online shoppers. Combined with eProcessingNetworkís Secure Real-Time Credit Card Transaction Processing Service, online merchants can continue to take advantage of the unlimited income-generating opportunities available with the explosion of the Internet marketplace.

Cards, Cart, Easy!

With the ePNCart Integrated Shopping Cart system, no software installation is needed. In addition, eProcessingNetwork has developed the ePNCart Product Page Generator to assist merchants in creating HTML pages for their Web site using easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for quick set-up. The ePNCart Product Page Generator conveniently generates an ePNCart-enabled Web page with the look-and-feel of the merchants own existing Web site, business model and products.

What does this mean for the online merchant? Simplicity. Online businesses can begin accepting payments via the Internet immediately, on an automated basis, 24 hours a day.

eProcessingNetwork also offers the ePNCart Button Generator, allowing merchants to easily utilize eProcessingNetworks' ePNCart from existing Web pages.

ePNCart Product Page Generator Features

  • Page-specific options to match the look & feel of your online business.

  • Product-specific options to clearly describe and sell product(s).

  • Advanced shipping charge options.

  • Advanced tax options.

Easy For Online Shoppers To Use

  • Customer visits your Web site and chooses to buy your product and/or service using the ePNCart Integrated Shopping Cart.

  • Customer completes an order form, securely providing credit card payment information.

  • Order confirmation is immediately sent to you and your customer.

  • Customerís credit card is charged and funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

  • The transaction appears on customerís credit card statement.

Convenience for the merchant, ease and security for the online shopper.

Most carts allow merchants to simply select eProcessingNetwork as their payment processor and then prompt the merchant for their eProcessingNetwork Account Number. A few carts, however, have more specific configuration requirements.

eProcessingNetwork is always happy to work with developers to assist them in integrating eProcessingNetworks' Secure Transaction Processing Services into new shopping carts.

eProcessingNetwork offers the following methods of integrating our Secure Transaction Processing Services directly into Web pages, shopping carts and third-party billing software:

  • For merchants offering their customers the ability to select quantities of all available products from one order page, see the eProcessingNetwork Web Order Template.

    In this case, all order related information (Quantity, Description and Cost for each available item) is passed to the eProcessingNetwork Secure Transaction Processing Server and eProcessingNetwork collects all customer related information. Upon transaction approval, eProcessingNetwork then emails the order and customer information to both the merchant and the customer.

  • For merchants running a database engine that collects ALL customer, order and shipping information, the eProcessingNetwork Transparent Database Engine Template will securely process transactions on a real-time basis without the customer leaving the merchants' Web page.

    In this case, the merchants' Web server needs to parse the HTML transaction response output by the eProcessingNetwork Secure Transaction Processing Server.

  • For merchants running a database engine that collects ALL customer, order and shipping information, the eProcessingNetwork Database Engine Template will POST the response back to the merchants' server.

    In this case, the ID passed in can be POSTed to one URL upon an Approved transaction, and another URL upon a Declined transaction.

  • eProcessingNetwork also offers emulation of the other major gateway. This makes it easy for anyone who has already integrated into Authorize.NetTM to utilize eProcessingNetwork Transaction Processing Services.

    All a developer has to do is change the URL they access from https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll to https://www.eProcessingNetwork.Com/cgi-bin/an/order.pl. Pass in the merchants' eProcessingNetwork Account Number as the x_login.

Because of the fact that eProcessingNetwork's Transaction Processing Services is so easy to integrate, countless shopping cart developers have found that integrating eProcessingNetwork's Transaction Processing Services directly into their shopping cart is a relatively trivial task.

eProcessingNetwork makes it economically prudent for shopping cart developers to integrate eProcessingNetworks' Services because we offer these developers a free listing as a Compatible Solution in the Resources section of the eProcessingNetwork Reseller Support Center (ePN/RSC).


 Mobile Transaction Processing!

Now with an eProcessingNetwork account, you can also securely process credit cards with Mobile Devices!

eProcessingNetwork offers a complete range of solutions utilizing the most leading-edge technology available today, through and including solutions for the most budget-minded of merchants.

For swiped transactions, which reduces the risk of chargebacks, simplifies the sale process and may enable you top obtain a lower rate, we offer a Magnetic Stripe Reader and Transaction Processing Software / Apps. Our software / apps can prompt for gratuity, and signature capture right on the display, emailing the signature directly to the merchant.

Merchants with an eProcessingNetwork account utilizing our swiper can do so by simply downloading eProcessingNetworks Wireless Swipe! application, installing it per the instructions, executing it and selecting Process a Transaction!

Accept credit cards anytime... from virtually anywhere!








For manually-entered transactions, the eProcessingNetworks Wireless! application offers merchants the ability to enter card number, expiration date and transaction amount, as well as address and Zip information for Address Verification and CVV2.

Merchants with an eProcessingNetwork account processing only manually-entered transactions can do so by simply downloading eProcessingNetworks Wireless! application, installing it in your device, executing it and selecting Process a Transaction!

Simple and affordable!

Choose your Gateway plan:

Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
License & Set Up Fee $295.00 $495.00 $795.00 $995.00
Monthly Access Fee $40.00 $30.00 $20.00 $10.00
Per Transaction Fee 40 cents  30 cents 20 cents 10 cents


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