PC Authorize (Also Available - MAC Authorize)
By Tellen Software

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Save time, money, and integrate credit authorization and electronic deposit into your sales system. Reduce errors, paperwork, desktop clutter, and charge backs

PCAuthorize eliminates the need for credit card terminals and provides many more features. It can automatically deposit and capture into your local bank account, lower your Visa and MasterCard costs, and provide other savings.

PCAuthorize is ideal for retailers, mail order houses, or merchants who don't want the additional expense of stand-alone terminals.

Transactions are stored in batches on the PC and may be reviewed, printed, imported, exported, and manipulated with the same ease of use expected from a Windows application. Import, export, and DDE allow batch or instant access from your favorite database application.

PCAuthorize is a complete application. No database applications or other software is required.

. Supports all major credit card types, private label, plus check guarantee.
. Authorize transactions either individually or batched and authorized all together.
. Transactions are edited as they are entered with immediate error feedback.
. Electronic Draft Capture support allows easy draft capture settlement regardless of the method used by the bank network.
. Supports additional sale information such as item descriptions, invoice number, customer number, to name a few.
. Address verification is supported for Mail Order / Phone Order / Internet merchants.
. Works with magnetic stripe readers and small receipt printers.
. Displays totals for batches including outstanding counts, authorized counts, counts by card type, settlement and discounted totals.
.Create, delete, import, export and other transaction/batch management functions.
. Supports DDE. Easy access for many other applications. Finds batches and transactions by various criteria
. Prints credit charge slips, transaction detail reports, and batch summaries.
. Many functions and setup may be password protected so unauthorized personnel cannot obtain access.

System Requirements
. Personal Computer using 386 or higher processor running Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT. (Pentium processor recommended)
. VGA or higher resolution Monitor
. Hard disk minimal install: 6-10 Meg
. 6 or more megs RAM
. Mouse or compatible pointing device
. Hayes compatible modem

Optional Hardware
. Keyboard attached magnetic stripe reader (NOTE: if you are a storefront (cardholder is present) then you should purchase a magnetic stripe reader.
.Star, Citizen, or compatible serial receipt printer

For more detailed information please contact us.

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